Hello ladies and gentle man , I am so glad to stand here to have a speech for you. Today , my topic is how to be a qualified student?

First of all , to start with ,we must have dreams, as steve jobs said “only those who are crazy thinking they can change the world could really change the world” besides, you know ,hope , hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. A Good beginning is half done, only when all have realize the importance of dream , can we really succeed.

On the other hand , we must keep fighting. It is known to all that success is the result of a long process of trial and error. Einstein and Edison who are born with genius ,but they are diligent too.

So we have no excuse to be lazy and just staying there ,doing nothing. Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.

There are many factors that contribute to our success. But I think dream and hard work is most significant for us to be a qualified student. Life is a great treasure ,the true value of life lies not in to get ahead of others but to get ahead of ourselves. Just try your best and make some differences. And that's all ,thanks!

刚刚帮你写的 不知道行不行


我有一篇,以前参加区的演讲比赛,呵呵 得奖的文章 题目是 :“The Importance of the English”Respected Leaders, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I'm deeply honored and very pleasured to stand on this stage to enjoy this moment. Now today, I would like to say something about the Importance of the English.As everyone knows, English is very important today. It has been used everywhere in the world. It has become the most common language on the internet and for international trade. If we can speak English well, we will have more chance to succeed because more and more people have taken notice of it. The number of the people who are learning English has increased at a high speed. But for me, I learn English not only because of its importance but also because of my love for it. When I lean English I have a different way of thinking which gives me more room to touch the word. When I read English novels I feel the pleasure from the book. I can see the beauty which is not he same as our Chinese.I'm sure that I will speak English more fluently in two or three years. And then, it is in 2010 that world EXPO will be held in Shanghai. If my English is good enough, I want to be a volunteer. I will do anything that I can to help the foreigners to know more about Shanghai and to understand better about Chinese people or cultures. If my English is good enough, I will travel around the world without difficulty. With my good English, I can make friends with many people from different countries. I will visit many places of interest which I have been dreaming to. English is so important I will work harder at English than ever before. I'm sure I will benefit a lot from fluent English. 如果是参加 演讲比赛,不要慌。





Dear teacher and classmates:

I am very glad to make a speech here in this class again! This time, I\'d like to talk something about English.

I love English. English language is now used everywhere in the world. It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. Learning English makes me confident and brings me great pleasure.

When I was seven, my mother sent me to an English school. At there, I played games and sang English songs with other children 。Then I discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the English world.

Everyday, I read English following the tapes. Sometimes, I watch English cartoons. On the weekend, I often go to the English corner. By talking with different people there, I have made more and more friends as well as improved my oral English.

I hope I can travel around the world someday. I want to go to America to visit Washington Monument, be cause the president Washington is my idol. Of course, I want to go to London too, because England is where English language developed. If I can ride my bike in Cambridge university, I will be very happy.

I hope I can speak English with everyone in the world. I\'ll introduce China to them, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Anshan.

I know, Rome was not built in a day. I believe that after continuous hard study, one day I can speak English very well.

If you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. So I believe as I love English everyday , it will love me too.


语沙龙论坛-英语诗〔英汉互译〕这里面也有:)~ /printpage.asp?BoardID=18&ID=2746 这篇可以参考,长短适合的:)~~ Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning! I'm very glad to stand here and give you a short speech. Man's life is a process of growing up, actually I'm standing here is a growth. If a person's life must constituted by various choices, then I grow up along with these choices. Once I hope I can study in a college in future, however that's passed, as you know I come here, now I wonder what the future holds for me. When I come to this school, I told to myself: this my near future, all starts here. Following I will learn to become a man, a integrated man, who has a fine body, can take on important task, has independent thought, an open mind, intensive thought, has the ability to judge right and wrong, has a perfect job. Once my teacher said :” you are not sewing, you are stylist; never forget which you should lay out to people is your thought, not craft.” I will put my personality with my interest and ability into my study, during these process I will combine learning with doing. If I can achieve this “future”, I think that I really grow up. And I deeply believe kindred, good-fellowship and love will perfection and happy in the future. How to say future? Maybe it's a nice wish. Lets make up our minds, stick to it and surely well enjoy our life. 中文大意:)~ 女士们,先生们,上午好。

我很高兴在这里为大家作一个简短的讲话。 人的一生是一个成长的过程,事实上,我现在站在这里也是一次成长。





并且我深信我的亲人,好朋友以及爱会使我的未来更完美,更幸福。 如何来解释未来呢? 也许那只是一个美好的愿望。




我参加和主持过几次校的英语演讲比赛,每次都有进步。我知道的权威的有:First 21世纪杯 全国英语演讲比赛 报名还在进行中。

这个没限制的 只要对英语有兴趣都可报名参加 我今年也报了;Second CCTV杯全国英语演讲比赛 这个每个学校只能派三个代表参赛 英语专业一名 非英语专业两名 我正在培训中。

这两个都很高级 所以学校的各种类似活动千万别错过 好好锻炼 会有用的 加油。

6.学校将举办英语演讲比赛,请以living a healthy life

Good living habits are important to our lives, which ensure us a healthy body and a good mood. Having a good rest is the basic, so that we can have enough energy in the whole day. Otherwise, we can do nothing if we were sleepy. Therefore, remember to sleep and get up early. Besides, eating healthily also plays an important role. There is an old saying goes, “A close mouth catches no flies.” That is telling us pay attention to our eating. Finally, doing exercises is essential. It brings us health as well as relaxation and pleasure. Many stress and negative emotions can be drained away by doing exercises. In short, healthy living habits bring many benefits, although sometimes you even do not realize.



All teachers and students: "Men, April FangFei ShanSi peach blossom" beginning. In this fit6, sunny day, our school campus culture festival opened. Cultural festival is held on students, a greater level of culture and art, it shows the students in our school for the youth elegant spirit and provide a broad stage. Do good to discover and campus culture festival, the potential students special personality, To cultivate interests, cultivate, improve the aesthetic, Life is rich campus culture, strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization campus, to create a good atmosphere. Through these activities, inspiring the students intelligence and spiritual development of students, the talent and strength. Students at the wisdom of life standard, and exalted the skies are emotional express, youth, has the skill, scientific exploration, perseverance, and have the poetic feiyang。

During the festival period, the students clean environment and sanitation, elaborate the festival, the campus dressed up colorful, expressing the students love to his Alma mater, Singer grand prix, students in full of enthusiasm, song, unique creativity to the motherland, sing praise of the future, expresses the students love the motherland and to look for the good life, Reading English aloud, poetry, strengthen the students of national pride and sense of responsibility and self-confidence,, The game show students talent, cultivate students sentiment. Demonstrates our distinctive campus culture and students' personalities talent, enrich the lives of campus culture, powerfully impel the campus of the construction of spiritual civilization. Colorful, various forms of art school embodies the culture and art accomplishment, many students in our school are vigorous spirit. YiZhangYiChi to. Art is gives us a relaxed mood of the brain, releases space, but also offers us a capabilities, the individuality of the stage, but also let us a very good art education and influence. In the activities, we both interested in the training and sentiment, and widen vision, exercise, cultivate the ability to enhance the team spirit, the collective honor. The festival will become history. However, many wonderful YouRan fragments imprints, Many moving music still lingering song. The festival is a limited period, though, but the art space is infinite. When the first festival in the campus notes floating up, art is not refuse into each of our life, entered our every inch of space. Jiangshan generation, who has held CaiRen CaiLian lighting dance? With the flowers to art school! Thank you!。

8.学校将要举办英语演讲比赛,请你以China Dream , My dream 为题,

China Dream, My Dream

Hi, everyone! As we know, China Dream is the dream of every Chinese. As a student, my dream is to become a teacher,because I am good at singing, dancing and love children. If I become a teacher, I will work with children, teach them a lot of knowledge and I will be happy.

In order to make my dream come true, I will study harder than before and read a lot of books to get more knowledge at school. I am going to help my parents do some housework as possible as I can. I will finish my homework on time at home. From now on, I plan to do more exercise to build me up in my free time. And this can make me feel active to do things.

As the old saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way."

And I believe I will realize my dream one day.

Thank you for listening.


【亮点说明】短文用了一些名言,为文章增色不少,如:As the old saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way."等,为了上下文的衔接还用了一些过渡词如:in order to,and等。


这是我参加学校英语演讲比赛时用的,难度不大,你看一下吧 What Is Real Beauty? It is human nature that all of us should be fond of beauty. Everybody was born with a heart for beauty. Today in China,with the rising of our living standard, people's requirement of beauty has been heightened accordingly. Some people spare no money or energy on beautiful clothes, fashionable hair styles,the decoration of their houses and even the improvement of their looks. But it seems to me,all these are more or less confined to the beauty in appearance,or rather,the outward beauty. In my opinion,we shouldn't only pay attention to beautiful appearance and neglect the beautification of the mind and what we are after should be the perfect unity of the outward beauty and the inner beauty. As we all know,so far as objects and animals are concerned,there is only beautiful appearance to be mentioned, but to us humanbeings, although the outward beauty really matters, the inner beauty is much more important. This was confirmed by a famous Russian writer in words much like this: "A person is not lovely for being beautiful but beautiful for being lovely. " Here, I'd like to quote two typical instances and I'm sure, my dear friends,from them you'll find out what real beauty is. Recently I learned from the radio an unpleasant incident about a well known singer. She is very charming with a sweet beautiful voice and very famous for singing the song."Devotion of Love". Not long ago,she was invited to Zhejiang Province to give performance. The moment she was to appear on the stage,she suddenly asked for more reward. Worse still,after her request was satisfied, she didn't begin to sing at once. Instead,she took her time to count all the money piece by piece. Thus she kept the audience waiting for half an hour. So when she at last showed up and started to sing "Devotion of Love",a man rose up from his seat and shouted at her,"You don't have any devotion of love. You are not qualified to sing this song ! "Hearing this, the singer stopped singing and began to shout abuses with her finger pointed at the man. At this time the whole audience burst into an uproar. How disappointed her keen listeners were when they learned this! It is the singer herself who spoiled her beautiful image in the eyes of others. Now, I'm coming to another true story. It's about a poor, ordinary looking old woman. She was a widow without any children, living barely from hand to mouth by picking odds and ends from rubbish heaps. However,she took in more than ten homeless orphans successively and managed to bring them up. Every day she labored from morning till night. In order to earn as much money as possible to raise the children and to keep them in school,she even went to a hospital regularly to sell her blood. She got so weak for the loss of blood that she sometimes fell in a faint on her way home. When asked why she chose to burden herself with so many children,she smiled and simply answered,"Oh,I love children and I like to have their company. " Though the old woman was poor materially, she was full of affection and rich in spirit. She was loved dearly by her children. She was also highly appreciated by the local government, and truly respected by people in her community. Maybe you can't help wondering, "What makes that ordinary woman so extraordinary?" It is nothing else but her inner beauty, her true devotion of love without any thought of rewarding. What a sharp contrast there is between the great woman and the selfish singer So,to answer the question "What is real beauty?", I declare definitely,it is the beauty lying in one's heart of hearts and embodied in his actions and deeds,that is,the inner heauty!。


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本文主要为您介绍2008红河学院英语演讲比赛,内容包括英语演讲比赛5分钟范文,急求2008年大学英语演讲比赛即兴演讲可能会出的题目,大学英语演讲比赛演讲稿。自己删减一下吧I LOVE ENGLISHDear teacher and classmates:I am very glad to m